On Juneteenth, African Americans celebrate emancipation from slavery. On this day we at the Greater Good Science Center would like to share some of the tools we’ve published through the years that attend to the well-being of African Americans, and tools that others can use to work toward dismantling racism. These are tools of confrontation, compassion, listening, understanding, and hope that might move us all toward more fully claiming our humanity. 

Right now, many of us are weary of using these tools on our own. Those who are suffering from racialized violence, who are seeking justice, need for all of us to share the load. On Juneteenth, we’re taking this opportunity to ask our more privileged readers to listen deeply to voices of difference and thoughts that make you uncomfortable. We’d like to ask you to reckon with your own mistakes and hurts, and please help with the work of building a society where everyone’s humanity is recognized and upheld.

Juneteenth Emancipation Day celebration in Richmond, Virginia, 1905. Source: Wikipedia

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