• Courtney Martin
    What Can Americans Dream Now? Work & Career, Big Ideas, Happiness | December 9, 2016

    We talk with Courtney Martin about building a future that prioritizes social connection and sharing over competition and ownership.

  • Would the World Be Better Off without Empathy? Big Ideas, Empathy | December 8, 2016

    Paul Bloom’s controversial book Against Empathy mixes valid points with misguided critiques.

  • Our Favorite Books of 2016 Education, Family & Couples, Work & Career, Mind & Body, Big Ideas, Altruism, Compassion, Empathy, Happiness, Mindfulness | December 7, 2016

    Greater Good's editors pick this year’s most thought-provoking, important, or useful nonfiction books on the science of a meaningful life.

  • Is Your Empathy Determined by Your Genes? Mind & Body, Empathy | December 6, 2016

    A new study of twins explores where empathy comes from: nature or nurture?

  • Does Self-Compassion Make You Selfish? Mind & Body, Compassion | December 5, 2016

    A new study suggests that self-compassion makes you hold yourself to a higher standard of morality.

  • Why Is It So Hard to Make Positive Changes? Happiness | December 2, 2016

    A new book examines the common psychological barriers to change—and how to overcome them.

  • Famous androids: Maeve and Dolores Abernathy from <em>Westworld</em>, and Data from <em>Star Trek: The Next Generation</em>.
    Human or Fake? You’ll Know in One Second Mind & Body | December 1, 2016

    We can be fooled by androids like Maeve in the TV show Westworld, but not so much in real life, a new study suggests.

  • Do Feelings Look the Same in Every Human Face? Mind & Body, Big Ideas, Empathy | November 30, 2016

    A new study sparks scientific debate about emotional expression—and raises questions about what we all have in common.

  • How to Only Do Things You Actually Want to Do Work & Career, Happiness | November 29, 2016

    Christine Carter explains how to shorten your to-do list and feel more motivated to tackle it, all at once.

  • Can Corporate Giving Make You More Generous? Work & Career, Big Ideas, Altruism | November 28, 2016

    According to a new study, generous businesses inspire individuals to give, too—thanks to one particular emotion.

  • Six Habits of Highly Empathic People Mind & Body, Big Ideas, Empathy | November 27, 2012

    We can cultivate empathy throughout our lives, says Roman Krznaric—and use it as a radical force for social transformation.

  • Juan Estey
    Why Self-Compassion Trumps Self-Esteem Mind & Body, Big Ideas, Compassion, Mindfulness | May 27, 2011

    Researcher Kristin Neff reveals the benefits of going easy on yourself: less anxiety, less conflict, and more peace of mind.

  • Four Lessons from “Inside Out” to Discuss With Kids Education, Family & Couples, Compassion, Empathy, Happiness, Mindfulness | July 14, 2015

    The new Pixar film has moved viewers young and old to take a look inside their own minds.

  • Surviving Betrayal Family & Couples | September 1, 2008

    Romantic betrayal is traumatizing, says psychologist Joshua Coleman. But couples can learn to trust again.

  • How You Can Find the Good in a Nasty Election Cycle Mind & Body, Big Ideas | October 26, 2016

    You can turn election stress into courage and compassion, says Kelly McGonigal. Here's how.

  • Hands On Research: The Science of Touch Education, Family & Couples, Mind & Body, Big Ideas, Compassion | September 29, 2010

    Dacher Keltner explains how compassion is literally at our fingertips.

  • Tips for Keeping a Gratitude Journal Gratitude, Happiness | November 17, 2011

    Here's a way to be thankful all year long.

  • Arturo Bejar, a Facebook engineer who has been leading its “social reporting” project, speaking at Facebook’s second Compassion Research Day on July 11.
    Can Science Make Facebook More Compassionate? Big Ideas, Compassion, Empathy | July 25, 2012

    Facebook is confronting cyberbullying and online conflict. Can a team of researchers help boost kindness among the site's 900 million users?

  • Six Habits of Highly Grateful People Big Ideas, Gratitude | November 20, 2013

    Are you bad at gratitude, just like Jeremy Adam Smith? He has some lessons for you from people who know how to say "Thanks!"

  • 10 Ways to Become More Grateful Education, Family & Couples, Gratitude, Altruism, Compassion, Happiness | November 17, 2010

    Robert Emmons offers everyday tips for living a life of gratitude.

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