Julien C. Mirivel

Julien C. Mirivel, Ph.D., is professor of applied communication at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, an author, and professional speaker. He is “among the founding scholars in the emerging field of positive communication” and an award-winning teacher and scholar. Julien is the author of four books on positive communication: The Art of Positive Communication: Theory and Practice, How Communication Scholars Think and Act: A Lifespan Perspective, and Communication and Community (with Kristen Christman). His newest book, Positive Communication for Leaders: Proven Strategies for Inspiring Unity and Effecting Change, was released with glowing reviews in 2023. Professor Mirivel has delivered hundreds of keynotes, trainings, and workshops on how to communicate effectively. He is a TEDx speaker whose mission is to inspire individuals and groups to communicate more positively at work and at home. For more information and resources, please visit julienmirivel.com. Julien lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with his wife Meg and 3 children: Hugo, John Luke, and Claire.