Happy Almost-End-of-the-School-Year!

Last week, Congressman Tim Ryan re-introduced his bill that supports the growth of social-emotional learning (SEL) in schools. This exciting development endorses the research showing that SEL skills are critical to student learning.

But we also know that the impact of SEL skills don’t end with learning. For example:

An Unexpected Antidote to Cheating - Could mindfulness be the answer to the complex problem of cheating?

How to Reduce Violence After School Closures - Plans to close public schools are raising concerns about student safety in several major cities. Lessons from social science may help keep a difficult situation from getting even worse.

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Helping Kids Delay Gratification - A new book explains how to help kids improve their executive functioning.

Five Ways to Develop “Ecoliteracy” - Daniel Goleman, Lisa Bennett, and Zenobia Barlow explain how we can teach kids to care deeply about the environment.

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Vicki Zakrzewski, Ph.D.
Education Director, Greater Good Science Center

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