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Very Interesting post. Believe, learn, practice. That is a cool manrta. Believe in possiblity, learns the skills, practice to internalize the skills. Great things to remember when you feel stuck and the self-doubt creeps in.I’ll just add this tangent:  When those negative emotions do creep in, don’t fight them. Greet them. Make friends with them. They don’t have to scare you. They are temporary. When I was a teacher I used to get anxious as the first day of school approached. This happened to me every year. Somewhere along the line, thanks to reading Thich Nat Hanh, I learned to greet that anxiousness. And just say,  oh yeah, you. I know you. You’ll be here for a while but then you’ll go away.  I know that it isn’t always possible to do this. (Right now my novel is on submissions and I’m a bit anxious.) But the more I can greet those emotions, the more I will be able to do that in the future. Practice. And the more that will free me up to learn.

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Carol,I found the first part of POSITIVITY fascinating. It got me all charged up about trying to lead a more positive life. However, for me, the second part was a bit disappointing. I had to return the book to the library, so I don’t have it to refer to now. But as I recall, Fredrickson provided suggestions for increasing positivity, for example, by practicing mediation, but then she only discussed meditation in general terms without giving specific tips on how to do it. (I think she suggested signing up for a meditation class.) I wanted the book to provide a step-by-step process (much like your Dec. 25th post) on how to create more postivity in my life. I ended up returning the book to the library without finishing it.

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