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I love the idea of taking bhsudidt principles and extending them to include community. A Kindness Community is a lovely thought.We are so wired as human beings to needing community, not to be solitary. Meditation is so important to understand the things in ourselves that derail us from day to day. But Community is where the rubber meets the road. its what we were built for.  Of the last few years, i have been trying to come to terms with the communal aspects of Western Christian mysticism and eastern thoughts of loving kindness to all, of metta, of self love.  My tradition is rooted in the West and this just makes sense. But i cannot deny that this idea of kindness as a root motivation in all my action resonates with me. it has made all the difference in my life.I totally love this idea   a non-dogmatic way to extend self love to others. That i radical love, revolutionary, you might even say. Michael s last blog ..

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MIchael ~ Maybe you already know this. In Buddhism, there is a word “sangha” that means community. It refers to lay and monastic practitioners, and recognizes the importance coming together to support and encourage one another.As connected as we are these days, we’re also very much scattered in a sense. Many of us are closer to friends who have moved away and friends we have online than people in our immediate vicinity. (It’s easier to find brother-sister mystics online.) I’m mesmerized by the thought of a genuinely communal spiritual life. And, while a Kindness Community could in no way replicate that experience, maybe it would be a source for us as we did our work in the world.A life of kindness, a life lived for the benefit of all beings (or as well as we can strive to achieve that) Is radical. Is revolutionary. Isn’t it? How much easier, how much more beautiful if we weren’t trying to do it alone?Twitter:

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