Other Episodes

Episode 105: Why We Give Thanks

Thank you. Gracias. Merci. Every language has a word for gratitude. But why do we feel it?…

Episode 103: Why You Should Make Small Goals

Comedian Paula Poundstone tries to take on a messy and daunting task, one small step at a time.

Episode 102: Do You Want to Slow Down?

Anna Sale, host of Death, Sex, and Money, practices awe as an antidote to her anxiety.

Episode 101: Can You Mend a Broken Bond?

They were childhood best friends until one came out as queer. Now, two college students…

Episode 100: 100 Good Things

For our 100th episode, host Dacher Keltner sits in the guest chair and tries one of the…

Episode 99: What Happens When We Play

When was the last time you went down a slide? Our guest tries a practice to bring more play…

Episode 98: How to Not Take People for Granted

What would life be like without the people you care most about? Our guest tries a practice…

Episode 97: How to Tune Out the Noise

Our guest uses her breath to find calm in some of Los Angeles' noisiest neighborhoods.


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