Research Digests

How Exercise is Good for the Brain

By Samuel Sakhai, Delia Fuhrmann | June 22, 2012
A recent study finds exercise does more than keep the pounds off, and another suggests you can spot a selfless guy by the shape of his face.

Does Nature Make You More Mindful?

By Eve Ekman | May 25, 2012
New studies consider the links between nature and mindfulness, and between religion and healthy aging.

Angry Brains and Kind Chimps

By Brylyn Stacy, Samuel Sakhai | April 1, 2012
New research documents the evolutionary roots of kindness and explores how our brains keep us from flipping our lids.

Religion and Resilience

By Brylyn Stacy, Bernie Wong | March 23, 2012
New research explores whether religious people are happier and why some people bounce back from adversity better than others.

Why You Should Hold the Door Open for Strangers

By Samuel Sakhai, Brylyn Stacy | March 16, 2012
New research explains why we cooperate with strangers and why teamwork might do more harm than good.

Facebook and Broken Hearts

By Brylyn Stacy, Bernie Wong | March 3, 2012
New research finds that heartache really hurts and that Facebook might not be all it's cracked up to be.

How to Make Thanksgiving Last

By Alice Hua, Bernie Wong | November 18, 2011
New research documents the benefits of "gratitude letters" and nurturing moms.

Does Music Make Kids Smarter?

By Bernie Wong | October 28, 2011
New research explores whether music boosts intelligence and how we read other people's facial expressions.

Does a Bad Mood Make You a Good Person?

By Bernie Wong | September 30, 2011
New research explores how altruism affects our mood and why we hold the door open for someone else.

Can Scientists Predict How Happy You’ll Be When You’re Old?

By Bernie Wong | September 16, 2011
New research examines the factors that most affect our happiness as we age.

Is Love Best Expressed Through a Touch or a Smile?

By Nadine Lueras-Tramma, Raymond Firmalino | September 9, 2011
Summaries of new research on how we express our emotions and how to cope with rejection.

Getting Engaged, Receiving Forgiveness

By Raymond Firmalino, Bernie Wong | August 24, 2011
Summaries of new research on how managers can engage their workers and how offenders can receive forgiveness.

This is Your Brain on Meditation, Alcohol, and Power

By Bernie Wong, Carmen Sobczak | August 12, 2011
Summaries of new research on how meditation shapes the brain, how alcohol makes us (im)moral, and how depression can reduce empathy.

Can Toddlers See the World through Your Eyes?

By Bernie Wong | August 5, 2011
Summaries of new research on the building blocks of empathy and the effects of meditation on the brain.

Do Whites Face More Racism than Blacks?

By Nadine Lueras-Tramma, Alice Hua | July 29, 2011
Summaries of new research on racism as a zero-sum game and where the brain feels empathy.

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