Research Digests

Is Happiness in Our Genes?

By Carmen Sobczak, Raymond Firmalino | July 22, 2011
New research explores where our happiness come from and how to break free from negative thought patterns.

Global Consensus: Money Doesn’t Bring Happiness

By Bernie Wong, Raymond Firmalino | July 15, 2011
Summaries of new research on the link between money and happiness, a key to political participation, and how our relationship with our parents can affect our relationship with our spouse.

How Meditation is Good for Mind and Body

By Jason Marsh, Bernie Wong | June 24, 2011
Two new studies show how meditation helps us tune out distractions and tune into our bodies.

You’re More Moral Than You Think

By Na'amah Razon, Carmen Sobczak | June 17, 2011
Summaries of new research on why we behave better than we expect, why staying positive is good for your health, and why men are more likely to say "I love you" first.

Older Men Are More Helpful Men

By Na'amah Razon, Neha John-Henderson | June 10, 2011
Summaries of new research on why the world's poor are happier than you think, how men become more helpful as they age, and the benefits of bringing work home.

Is Touch the Language of Romance?

By Raymond Firmalino, Neha John-Henderson | June 3, 2011
Summaries of new research on the power of touch and why the "haves" will help the "have nots."

Why Bullies Bully

By Janelle Caponigro | May 25, 2011
Summaries of new research on bullying, how the arts can reduce social stigmas, and the roots of shyness and anxiety in kids.

Does Your Manager Feel Your Pain?

By Bernie Wong, Neha John-Henderson | May 13, 2011
Summaries of new research suggesting managers with empathy have healthier employees, how social networks can reduce anti-Muslim prejudice, and why it's OK to see your partner through rose-colored glasses.

Do You Know What Will Make You Happy?

By Anahid Modrek, Bernie Wong | May 6, 2011
Summaries of new research on how well we predict our future happiness, whether kids in child care act out more, and why kids seem so gullible.

Think Your Spouse is the Best? We Have Good News for You

By Anahid Modrek, Janelle Caponigro | March 25, 2011
Summaries of new research showing that it's OK to put your spouse on a pedestal and how programs can help at-risk kids by helping their parents.

Is Mindfulness as Good as Antidepressants?

By Neha John-Henderson | March 18, 2011
Summaries of new research on the effects of mindfulness against depression, the health benefits of a good story, and how kids can deal with mixed messages they get from home and school.

Practice Kindness? Start with Yourself

By Janelle Caponigro, Neha John-Henderson | March 11, 2011
Summaries of new research on the benefits of self-compassion, the true value of an apology, and for how long exercise will help our brains.

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

By Whitney Patterson, Anahid Modrek, Bernie Wong | February 25, 2011
Summaries of new research on why you should learn your romantic partner's hopes and dreams, how sleep deprivation can leave us emotionally isolated, and what it takes for immigrant students to succeed in school.

How Compassion Protects Us from Stress

By Anahid Modrek, Neha John-Henderson, Bernie Wong | February 18, 2011
Summaries of new research on the benefits of being compassionate, the neuroscience of laughter, and the links between social capital and health in low-income communities.

How to Compliment Your Partner

By Janelle Caponigro | February 12, 2011
Summaries of new research on giving effective compliments and resolving sibling conflicts.

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