It was a great year for the Greater Good Science Center’s Education program. Hundreds of teachers attended our annual Summer Institute for Educators, and we reached hundreds of thousands more through workshops, talks, partnerships, and, of course, articles in Greater Good magazine. Here’s our list of the twelve best, based on a composite ranking of pageviews and editors’ picks.

How to Help Diverse Students Find Common Ground, by Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu: What are the principles that promote a truly inclusive university? Here are eight.

The Trouble with Trigger Warnings, by Mariah Flynn: Can educators warn students about troubling content without discouraging class participation? Here are some tips.

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Four Ways Teachers Can Reduce Implicit Bias, by Jill Suttie: We’re all subject to bias. Here are tips to help teachers treat all of their students with dignity and care.

How to Bring SEL to Students with Disabilities, by David Lichtenstein: Social-emotional learning programs have not traditionally targeted students with psychiatric or developmental disabilities. Here’s why they should.

Why We Should Teach Empathy to Preschoolers, by Shuka Kalantari: One Berkeley preschool is baking empathy into its curriculum—and for good reason.

How Teachers Can Help Students Who Fail in Class to Succeed at Life, by Mark Katz: There are people who got bad grades but grew up to be successful adults, says Mark Katz. What’s their secret—and how can schools help?

Why Don’t Students Take Social-Emotional Learning Home?, by Vicki Zakrzewski: New research suggests we need to take account of how diverse groups of students view and apply SEL skills.

What if Schools Taught Kindness? by Laura Pinger and Lisa Flook: Lessons from creating a “kindness curriculum” for young students.

How to Stop the Culture of Complaining at Schools, by Owen Griffith: Fourth-grade teacher Owen Griffith offers practical ways to turn schools and classrooms into no-complaint zones.

Five Ways to Help Misbehaving Kids, by Stuart Shanker: Bad behavior is often a sign that children are stressed—and punishment isn’t the best solution.

How Humility Will Make You the Greatest Person Ever, by Vicki Zakrzewski: It’s so hard to be humble. Here are three tips for taming your ego. This should be read with a companion piece targeted at education leaders, How to Cultivate Humble Leadership.

Seven Ways to Help High Schoolers Find Purpose, by Patrick Cook-Deegan: Many students go through high school bored and unengaged. Patrick Cook-Deegan explains what a purpose-driven curriculum would look like.

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