Will Simpson

Will Simpson is an aspiring therapist and graduate student who is currently working toward a master’s in social work degree at the University of Maryland. He hopes to use his degree to one day practice child therapy, specifically to work with young boys who often lack male figures in their lives that they can open up to emotionally. Will graduated from the University of Virginia in 2023 with B.A.s in psychology and media studies. While at UVA, Will worked at the Wilson Social Psychology Lab on a study that investigated the connection between music and emotion, examining how sad music can impact our mood. He also assisted in a study about the illusion of unfairness, and how our reaction to certain outcomes differs when we believe we have been cheated out of a fair chance at a prize. Will also worked at the Social Development Lab, where he helped conduct research for the ExCEL project, which examined development of ethical character among students at EL Education schools. His time in these labs was extremely valuable, and Will is very grateful for the support and guidance provided by his mentors. When Will is not working toward his degree, he loves playing music, especially mallet percussion. He also enjoys playing video games with friends and staying active, whether it be going to the gym or playing sports. Will lives with his loving parents in Lake of the Woods, Virginia, and hopes to stay near them once he is able to buy his own place!