Asia Harford

Asia Harford is a rising fourth-year student at the University of Virginia double majoring in political and social thought and African and African American studies. Her interests in research include understanding how disparities in public education policy impact youth development for minority students. Asia’s role as a research assistant for the Education School at the University of Virginia has led her to focus on social-emotional learning (SEL) and its impact on youth understanding of respect inside and outside of the classroom. Asia has held many positions to assist in mentoring youth, having been part of UVA’s My Sister’s Keeper, mentoring girls in the local Charlottesville high school. She also was a teacher for Charlottesville Debate League, which prepares UVA members to teach middle and high school students public forum–style debate in cumulation for a tournament at the end of the semester. Ultimately, Asia’s passions are mainly in the legal system, and she hopes to attend law school upon graduation from the University of Virginia.