This spring, Greater Good ran its first-ever happiness video competition, inviting submissions from the 400-plus students enrolled in “Human Happiness,” a UC Berkeley psychology class taught by Greater Good Science Center Faculty Director Dacher Keltner.

What Makes Me Happy?

Yesterday, we featured the winning submission, the charming Bill’s Story.

Today, we are pleased to present the four runners-up. Watch, enjoy, then leave a comment below—and be sure to learn more about our happiness video contest, including our criteria and judges for the videos.

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What Makes You Happy?, by Elizabeth Carey and Melody Tien


Greater Good: Gratitude, by Woo Ri (Joanne) Choi


What Makes Me Happy?, by Vivian Nguyen


What Makes You Happy?, by Kristy Kwak and Julia Park

Want more happiness? Watch the videos that earned an honorable mention in our contest. And if you’re a student or faculty member at another school, email us if you’re interested in bringing a similar happiness video competition to your community.

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