Dacher Keltner, the Greater Good Science Center’s co-founder and faculty director and the executive editor of Greater Good, recently sat down with the great best-selling author and journalist Robert Wright for a conversation on bloggingheads.tv, the “diavlog” site of which Wright is editor in chief.

Their far-ranging discussion covers a good chunk of the “science of a meaningful life,” including the evolutionary origins of awe and the function of oxytocin, the “love hormone.” They also contemplate a coming battle between the East Coast and West Coast wings of positive psychology.

Here’s their conversation:

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How interesting about the cultural aspects of teasing. Maybe instead of calling it “bullying”, in nonviolent cases kids should be taught that it’s a form of inclusion and social interaction so they can gain perspective and not take it so personally.

Also I may be travelling to SE Asia in the future so thanks for that important information!

Emmy | 4:37 pm, January 21, 2011 | Link

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