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Hi Jason

Thanks for replying to my request. Here are the full details
of what happens. I open up the Science of a meaningful life
page and theN open up the Barbara Fredrickson page. Shows
a picture of here video with a play button. If I click on this
it will play the first 8 mins of here video as for non
members. I then click on the Watch the full video members
only link as instructed. The video picture with the play
button now disappears leaving just a blank area. Same
happens with her other videos - also p zimbardo’s videos.
However Sapolsky’s videos do work. I am watching on an
iPad - don’t know if this has an effect, I suspect not as all
the abridged non members videos work fine.

Thanks for your help

Best wishes


Tony Searby | 12:20 pm, July 10, 2012 | Link

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