Juliana Tafur

Juliana Tafur is the inaugural director of the GGSC's Bridging Differences program. Her work centers on strengthening social connections across lines of race, religion, culture, politics, and more, fostering a culture of belonging in the United States and beyond. Her responsibilities include: producing multimedia content that widely shares research-based bridge-building skills and inspires change; running learning fellowships and trainings to promote positive dialogue, relationships, and understanding across differences; and facilitating strategic partnerships to expand the depth and breadth of bridge-building work. Juliana is a TEDx speaker, workshop creator, Emmy-nominated senior producer, and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. A proud Colombian-American, she has been using storytelling and workshops to foster a broader culture of belonging since 2018. Juliana is an honors graduate of Northwestern University, and a 2021–2022 Obama Foundation Scholar at Columbia University. Outside of work, Juliana enjoys the lively rhythm of Miami life with her husband, their two boys, two dogs, and a lynx-sized cat.