Patricia Riddell

Patricia Riddell, Ph.D., is professor of applied neuroscience at the University of Reading. She contributes to teaching and research both in the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences and at Henley Business School. She started her education in her home town of Glasgow before completing her education at Imperial College, London, University of Oxford. She started her career as an academic at Brooklyn College, City University of New York, before returning to the University of Reading in the U.K. One of Patricia's main interests is in the ways in which neuroscience can be applied in the real world, supporting and extending our understanding of human behaviour. This includes considering how understanding the ways in which the brain processes information can be used to design interventions to change people's behaviour for the better. She has worked to deliver this innovative way of thinking to aspects of coaching and leadership through her teaching and research. She has published research articles, chapters, and a book in this area.