Mireia Las Heras

Mireia Las Heras, D.B.A., is a professor of managing people in organizations at the IESE Business School (Universidad de Navarra). Since 2019, she has served as the director of the International Center for Work and Family. She is an industrial engineer by training and holds an MBA from IESE Business School and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Boston University. She has widely published and researched on work family issues around the world. She’s published extensively in high-impact journals such as Human Relations, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management Journal, and Journal of Business Research, among others. She has coedited five research books (one about to come out). She is the chair of the International Work Family Conference in Barcelona every two years, which brings together researchers from all over the world and in 2019 celebrated its eighth edition.