Michael Fisher joined the Millennium School of San Francisco in the fall of 2016. Prior to that, he completed his Ph.D. in American History at the University of Rochester, where he taught writing and attempted to practice an obscure form of social criticism at longingforthereal.com. His dissertation, "American Re-envisionings of the Self: From The Lonely Crowd to est," led him to follow the human potential movement back to the Bay Area and into the realm of experiential research. He writes on Medium, and his articles have appeared in Gestalt Review, Self and Society, and the Society for U.S. Intellectual History blog. Michael is the author of the introduction to the new edition of Paul Goodman's New Reformation: Notes of A Neolithic Conservative (PM Press, 2010), and he continues to explore the legacies of the 1960s by writing, teaching, and getting lost in San Francisco. He can be reached at mfisher@millenniumschool.org.