Fuschia Sirois ggg

Fuschia Sirois, Ph.D., is a professor in social and health psychology at Durham University, and a former Canada research chair in health and well-being. Professor Sirois’s research aims to understand the psychological factors and qualities that confer risk for physical health and well-being through self-regulation and emotions, and the ways to enhance resilience and support physical and mental health. For over 20 years, she has researched the causes and consequences of procrastination, including the role of emotions for explaining why people procrastinate. Her research has a particular focus on how positive psychology qualities and interventions, including self-compassion, can support self-regulation and enhance physical health and well-being. Her research has been funded by national funding agencies, including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada, The Economic and Social Research Council (UK), and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK). Follow her on Twitter at @FuschiaSirois.