B Grace Bullock

B Grace Bullock, Ph.D., is a psychologist, organizational consultant, research scientist, educator, author, and motivational speaker. She has spent the past two decades teaching and studying physiological and psychological interventions that foster resilience and support healthy relationships and systems, and is the author of the acclaimed book, Mindful Relationships: Seven Skills for Success—Integrating the Science of Mind, Body and Brain. Grace is founder and principal consultant of the International Science & Education Alliance, a consulting firm devoted to the strategic planning, design, development, training, and evaluation of mindfulness-informed offerings that promote personal, interpersonal, and systemic well-being, effective leadership, decision making, and social change. An educator at heart, she teaches courses and workshops on mindfulness, interpersonal relationships, stress resilience, and clinical psychology and practice at colleges, universities, professional schools, school districts, and organizations across the U.S. and internationally. For more information, see www.bgracebullock.com.