Kirsten Ivey-Colson

Kirsten Ivey-Colson, JD, has an LLM in Alternative Dispute Resolution and her undergraduate degree is in African American Studies and English. She is the great-great-granddaughter of enslaved African Americans, the mother of a Black teenager, and highly motivated to contribute to a just and compassionate world. Kirsten is an active meditation practitioner and a student of nonviolent communication, conflict resolution, conflict coaching, neuroscience, happiness, and well-being. She has served as a union steward, conflict coach, mediator, and leader in her son’s school’s parent of Black students affinity group. In response to the racial reckoning in June 2020, Kirsten co-founded the AntiRacist Table, with her sister, Lynn Turner. The AntiRacist Table is a multidimensional platform dedicated to bringing antiracism to daily life through education about African Americans, the Black experience, rehumanizing Black people, and motivating action. Kirsten is an activist and the co-creator of The AntiRacist Table’s free 30 Day Challenge which is curated to help educate, face and get past shame, anger, and blame, and develop empathy--all key elements of creating an AntiRacist America. The AntiRacist Table hosts Conversations Around The Table with experts as a way to dig in on complex issues around race, anti-racism, and well-being. The Nurture the Narrative arm is a space for deeper education and re-education where affirming content amplifies Black voices and Flowers for the Table is a space to celebrate and support Black joy and well-being.