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Thanks for your very important thoughts on

The quest for perfection is self-defeating.
Perfectionism is a denial of our humanity and
growth. We grow by making mistakes, taking
wrong turns and learning from our mistakes.
Mistakes are growth enhancing and should not be
occasions for self-condemnation.

The creative process is a continual learning process
in which mistakes help guide us toward greater

There is a significant difference between
“perfectionism” and the “quest for excellence.”

When there is a commitment to excellence,
individuals know that when they make a mistake,
instead of being punished, they will be supported in
learning from the mistake.

When excellence is pursued, there is a commitment
to performing at our highest capability. There is
the recognition that each time we do something,
we will do it to the best of our ability. I know that
as I have more experience doing something, I will
get better at it. I can enjoy each creation for its
own beingness and be committed to my growth
through my experience of making mistakes.
Stanley Stefancic

Stanley Stefancic | 9:42 am, September 29, 2010 | Link


I agree totally!

Christine Carter | 11:45 am, October 1, 2010 | Link

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