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My 7-year-old-daughter tells me that she hates piano
when I sit down with her every day to do her practice.
She hates it even more when she has to do a new
lesson. The reason I want her to learn piano is because
research has shown that it improves kid’s academic
performance. Am I taking too far my authority on her?

Arpana | 9:30 am, March 1, 2012 | Link

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This is probably not the right format for me to
answer this question, but I can’t help commenting.

My opinion is that this isn’t so much a question of
authority as motivation. If you want to help
improve your daughter’s academic performance,
work with her on fostering a growth mindset. 
Forcing a 7-year-old to practice and play the piano
when she has no desire or interest is probably only
decreasing the liklihood that she will ever enjoy
playing the piano in the future (when she is older). 
I’d be surprised to learn that it was improving her

Good luck.

Christine Carter | 9:35 am, March 1, 2012 | Link

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