Our friend Susan Mernit has just helped launch a news and community site for the Oakland area, Oakland Local. It zeroes in on issues like climate change, air quality, arts & activism, food access, and race. Plus, it features a directory of 320 local nonprofits and a blog directory of 180 active local bloggers as well.

If you live in Oakland or the Bay Area, it should be a stellar resource. And if you don't, it should provide a great model of something journalists, bloggers, and activists in your community could develop. I'll definitely be checking it out regularly–if Susan's attached to it, you know it's gonna be worth watching.

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Jason-your endorsement means alot to me! I would love to cross publish stories that fit our themes–GGSC has such wonderful people and content.

Best, Susan

Susan Mernit | 1:52 pm, October 25, 2009 | Link

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