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Lauren Klein is a Greater Good editorial assistant.


Stories by Lauren Klein

Articles: Can’t Get Therapy? Try Gratitude and Kindness

By Lauren Klein | July 7, 2014

A new study finds that troubled people can reap enormous benefits from keeping a journal that focuses their attention on the good things in life.


Articles: Does Technology Cut Us Off from Other People?

By Lauren Klein | March 12, 2014

Three new studies paint a surprisingly complicated picture of the role of mobile devices in our social lives—and suggest steps we can take to make the most of technology.


Articles: All You Need is Love, Gratitude, and Oxytocin

By Lauren Klein | February 11, 2014

A new study finds a biological mechanism behind “thank you"—and reveals one way that it bonds couples together.


Articles: Scratch a Happy Adult, Find a Socially Connected Childhood

By Lauren Klein | December 12, 2013

A new study finds that a happy life is much more about making friends than it is about making the grade.


Research Digest Items/Studies: Functional Neural Plasticity and Associated Changes in Positive Affect After Compassion Training


Articles: How Positive Emotions Improve Our Health

By Lauren Klein | June 20, 2013

A new study sheds light on why good feelings benefit our bodies as well as our minds.

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Articles: When Getting Angry Makes You Happy

By Lauren Klein | April 2, 2013

A new study shows how seeking happiness at the right time may be more important than seeking happiness all the time.


Research Digest Items/Studies: In Search of a Common Core


Research Digest Items/Studies: The Psychology of Unforgiveness and Forgiveness and Implications for Clinical Practice


Research Digest Items/Studies: Forgiveness is an Emotion-Focused Coping Strategy


Research Digest Items/Studies: Granting Forgiveness or Harboring Grudges


Research Digest Items/Studies: Forgiveness of Self and Others and Emotional Empathy


Research Digest Items/Studies: Bystander “Apathy”


Research Digest Items/Studies: Spontaneous Giving and Calculated Greed


Research Digest Items/Studies: Human Prosociality From an Evolutionary Perspective


Research Digest Items/Studies: Human Prosociality From an Evolutionary Perspective


Research Digest Items/Studies: Varieties of Altruism in Children and Chimpanzees


Research Digest Items/Studies: Altruism and Indirect Reciprocity


Research Digest Items/Studies: Social Networks and Cooperation in Hunter-Gatherers


Research Digest Items/Studies: Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion


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