Sonya Faber

Sonya Faber, Ph.D., is an experienced scientist and pharmaceutical professional specializing in bench-to-bedside (translational) clinical development. Having studied at top universities, she has worked in research institutes, biotech firms, and clinical operations for several leading pharmaceutical companies. Her work in protocol design, medical writing, and project management has included pre-clinical and clinical activities for Phase II and III trials across multiple indications. She is highly knowledgeable in scientific product development, particularly for neuroscience applications. Dr. Faber has an interest in clinical pharmacology of psychoactive and psychedelic pharmaceuticals, with a specific interest in issues related to equity and access of psychedelic drugs as they are completing clinical trials establishing efficacy, clearing regulatory hurdles, and moving to market. She served on the steering committee for the American Psychedelic Practitioners Association, where she played a key role in its organizational development.   She has co-authored over 41 papers in fields ranging from psychology to genetics. She is a partner in the biotech consulting company Bioville Gmbh and she is currently employed by Angelini Pharma as a medical science liaison in epilepsy research. These affiliations are not associated with her interest in social justice or her interest in the psychology of psychedelics. Her writing reflects her own opinions and is not associated with her employment with Angelini Pharma.