Mark Higbie

Mark Higbie is the principal at Greenfield Strategies, a strategic communications consultancy based in Detroit. Mark serves as a senior advisor to Ford Motor Company providing strategic counsel to leaders in environmental sustainability, the future of mobility, and organizational culture change. Early in his career, Mark spent ten years in national politics and govenment as a campaign operative and political appointee in Washington DC, followed by a decade in Silicon Valley as a corporate communicator supporting leading technology companies and venture capital firms. Since 2004, Mark has advised Ford -- accelerating change and challenging cultural norms through unique partnerships and programs. Most recently, he has worked with Executive Chairman Bill Ford, to introduce mindfulness practices in support of employee well-being, productivity and innovation. Mark is a provocateur and consensus builder who drives engagement through direct experience, mutual understanding and empathy. Mark is a former Board member of the Black Rock Arts Foundation and a 16-year participant of the Burning Man Project.