Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor, Ph.D., is a professor and director of the Clinical Anatomy Learning Centre at Lancaster University. He delivers all aspects of anatomical teaching to medical and biomedical students. He has a passion for understanding how the human body is formed and how it functions in both health and disease. Many aspects of his teaching relate to what happens in the body to aid in function on a daily basis. He has extensive experience working with TV, radio, and various other media outlets to produce TV, radio, and other pieces for the public to ensure clear messages and accuracy in all outputs. His research interests lie within the field of osteoarthritis and the degeneration and turnover of cartilage and bone. His work commenced on a rare form of osteoarthritis, alkaptonuria, which is still studied in his lab. His work on this condition has lead him to also focus on arthritis and the turnover of joint tissues in response to disease(s) due to discoveries made whilst studying alkaptonuria. He also has research interest in anatomy and its delivery as part of modern medical and allied health curricula.