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I love this topic, and there’s fantastic information in this podcast.  I notice something that I’ve read in books before, and I’ve thought a lot about it.  It seems common to assume that a child who is regular is inflexible, and a child who is irregular is flexible.  I’ve observed in my daughter that, particularly as a toddler, she was extremely irregular, but not at all flexible.  I’d have no idea when she would be hungry or tired, but once she was, watch out!  There was no flexibility!  I think it would be helpful to separate the two, because both are important traits.

Anna | 8:10 pm, November 17, 2010 | Link


Thanks so much for your comment Anna.
You are the best expert on your child, and you’re right
there are children who are inflexible and irregular.
The temperament map doesn’t cover all of the
variables…so thanks for pointing that out. I would
imagine that you’ve worked with your child on noticing
clues as to what her body needs. If she is also intense
(sounds like she may be) she will go from 0 to 60
pretty fast when she suddenly needs something. My
guess is with age she will increase her frustration
Thanks again! Rona

Rona | 9:38 am, November 22, 2010 | Link

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