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Tag: Bullying

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Articles: How Teachers Can Help Immigrant Kids Feel Safe

By Amy L. Eva | March 27, 2017

Many children feel threatened by anti-immigrant rhetoric. Here's how educators can inform and support their students.


Articles: Eight Ways to Stand Up to Hate

By Elizabeth Svoboda | November 22, 2016

Hate crimes and hateful language are on the rise. What are you going to do about it?


Articles: Could Gay-Straight Alliances Reduce Bullying?

By Robert Marx, Heather Hensman Kettrey | September 16, 2016

Thousands of these organizations exist. Could they make a difference?


Articles: Which Feels Better, Forgiveness or Revenge?

By Kira M. Newman | April 18, 2016

A new study compares different responses to bullying—and finds that forgiveness may have to wait.


Articles: Eight Keys to End Bullying

By Signe Whitson | August 26, 2014

Can we stop bullying? Signe Whitson says yes—by consistently reaching out to both children who bully and those who are bullied.

According to a recent report from the NFL, Miami Dolphins player Richie Incognito (left, number 68) bullied Jonathan Martin (right, 71).

Articles: Why Do We Blame Victims?

By Juliana Breines | April 8, 2014

Why do so many people take the side of bullies over their victims? The answers might surprise you.


Articles: How Bullied Children Grow into Wounded Adults

By Bianca Lorenz | December 19, 2013

A new longitudinal study finds children are affected by bullying throughout their lives—and reveals that even perpetrators can struggle as adults.


Raising Happiness: 20 Questions to Ask Your Father

By Christine Carter | June 10, 2013

Print this list for Father’s Day—or for your next family dinner or gathering.


Raising Happiness: How to Build a Happy Family

By Christine Carter | June 3, 2013

Creating strong children and cohesive families through the stories we tell.


Raising Happiness: Failure Makes You a Winner

By Christine Carter | May 20, 2013

And what all heroes have in common.

My mom, benefiting from item #10.

Raising Happiness: My Love-Hate Relationship with Mother’s Day

By Christine Carter | May 7, 2013

How we’re turning it into a kindness scavenger hunt.


Raising Happiness: Three Quick Tips for Saving the Earth

By Christine Carter | April 22, 2013

Outsmart the brain boobie-traps that make you wasteful


Raising Happiness: How to Deal with Mean People

By Christine Carter | April 15, 2013

Hint: Don’t just turn the other cheek.


Articles: April Education Newsletter

By Vicki Zakrzewski | April 9, 2013

From lessening the stress of testing to the neuroscience of learning, here's a round-up of our recent education content.

2013, Random House, 386 pages

Articles: Too Many Bullies

By Jill Suttie | March 14, 2013

Emily Bazelon's new book explores bullying among kids—and finds the solution in fostering empathy among both kids and adults.


Articles: Training Kids for Kindness

By Brooke Lavelle Heineberg | March 5, 2013

Brooke Dodson-Lavelle explains how a trailblazing compassion training program expands children's natural capacity for empathy and kindness—even toward so-called "bullies."


Articles: Fixing the Mean Girl Syndrome

By Vicki Zakrzewski | January 29, 2013

Research tells us that kindness may be the antidote to “popularity-through-meanness.”

Arturo Bejar, a Facebook engineer who has been leading its "social reporting" project, speaking at Facebook's second Compassion Research Day on July 11.

Articles: Can Science Make Facebook More Compassionate?

By Jason Marsh | July 25, 2012

Facebook is confronting cyberbullying and online conflict. Can a team of researchers help boost kindness among the site's 900 million users?

Northeast Foundation for Children, 267 pages

Articles: How to Bullyproof Your Kid

By Jill Suttie | July 19, 2012

Two new books explore how to curb bullying in the classroom and online.

The Changing Worlds arts and literacy program encourages children to learn about other cultures through dance and other performing arts.

Articles: Educating for Empathy

By Stacey Kennelly | July 18, 2012

More and more educators are helping kids develop empathy—and a recent contest highlights some of the most inspiring projects.


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