Or Dagan

Or Dagan, Ph.D., is a professor of clinical psychology at Long Island University, where he conducts attachment research, teaches doctoral-level seminars (including psychotherapy interventions and developmental psychopathology), and supervises doctoral students. He is also a New York State–licensed clinical psychologist. He uses his educational, research, and practice platforms to promote sensitive communication between people, which he believes stands at the heart of well-being. As a researcher, he studies how early relationships with our parents influence our mental and physical health, and the quality of our close relationships later in life. He does so by investigating how individuals across the lifespan behave with their parents at times of distress, and how they remember and talk about these experiences years later. As a clinical psychologist, he applies an attachment-informed framework to therapy, which he keeps developing through his research to scaffold his understanding of the difficulties clients experience. He is thankful for being in a unique position to both inform his clinical practice with cutting-edge research findings, and inform his research endeavors with extensive hands-on clinical experience he gains from interacting with patients.