Daniel Cordaro

Daniel Cordaro, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of the Contentment Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports the mental well-being of schools around the world. An Edmund Hillary Fellow and former faculty member at Yale University, Daniel has spent the last decade of his career studying cross-cultural human emotions, and what it means to live a flourishing life. He and his team inaugurated a new area of research on Contentment, and now he has dedicated his career to sharing scientifically-evidenced ancient wisdom with schools around the world. Above all, Daniel is a lover of truth, wisdom, and indestructible well-being. Along his journeys around the world, he became a dedicated meditator, introspector, and questioner of assumptions. The culmination of this work now expresses through the Contentment Foundation as a service to humanity. Daniel’s personal audacious goal is to significantly improve the lives of one billion children and one billion adults—25 percent of earth’s population—within his lifetime.