Danah Henriksen

Danah Henriksen, Ph.D., is an associate professor of leadership & innovation at Arizona State University. Her research focuses broadly on creativity in education, with a thread of this work related to mindfulness and well-being. She is an author of several books, as well as articles in a range of peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Teachers College Record, Review of Research in Education, and Teaching Education), and practitioner venues (e.g., Educational Leadership and Kappan Magazine). She is an associate editor with Education Policy Analysis Archives journal. Dr. Henriksen has served as co-chair of the Creativity SIG for the Society of Information Technology in Education, and as a working group leader for EDUsummIT—a UNESCO-supported global educational consortium. She is the current co-chair of the Dissertation in Practice SIG for the Carnegie Project in the Education Doctorate, focusing on rethinking structures and approaches to the research as embedded in practice.