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What a great podcast! I suppose there’s the right camp out there for most kids, it’s a just matter of finding a good fit with activities that interest the child.

My mom was sneaky about how she did this - she took me to visit the horse camp when I was just 4 years old under the guise of, well, we’re just going for a drive and it would be a fun place to see. We walked around and I saw the magnificent horses, the cool kids, the outdoor pool surrounded by forest (the pool glowed green at night)! and pretty soon I was bothering my mom every five minutes asking when the heck I would be old enough to attend. Ten years later I still loved it.

Emmy | 11:35 am, August 9, 2011 | Link


Sorry to comment again, but I find that single experiences can be great, but nothing beats a camp that kids go to year after year. The one I went to really shaped me as a person and gave me a passion for the outdoors. Just my experience.

Emmy | 11:48 am, August 9, 2011 | Link


I love how your mom got you interested—what a
great idea.  And I do hope that my kids will return to
their camp year after year.  It was wonderful!

Christine Carter | 12:13 pm, August 9, 2011 | Link

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