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Dear Christine,
Could you please post the transcripts of these podcasts . It would be of great help to those who cannot listen to the podcasts, or are unable to grasp the audio version.

Sudhir Kumar | 8:17 am, August 31, 2011 | Link

Nervous? How We Can Help Kids Transition Back to School

Hi Sudhir,

I do understand that the podcast format doesn’t
work for everyone, but we don’t have the resources
to transcribe the conversations.  HOWEVER, I do
write about ALL of the topics that we cover in the
podcasts, and soon, I will be posting videos as well. 
So if you are following the Raising Happiness blog
here and reading the written posts, you are getting
the same information.


Christine Carter | 12:35 pm, August 31, 2011 | Link

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