Remember those video conversations I used to do with Kelly Corrigan, fellow mom and author of The Middle Place and Lift?  Well, the Greater Good Science Center has received funding from the Quality of Life Foundation to do a whole new series of these web videos.  This time I’m going to have the conversations with YOU!  Yes, you, if you have a question you’d like me to answer.

Here’s how! 

(1) Go to this video on youtube.

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(2) On youtube, click “respond to this video” in the comment box.

(3) Click the video link on the right to attach a video of yourself asking a question.

Tell us your first name (or an alias, if you’d like), where you are from, and the ages of your children.

You can record a video response right within youtube if you have a camera built in on your computer.  You can also upload a video from your phone or camera!

So think: what questions has Raising Happiness—the book, the blog, or the class—raised for you?  What are your New Year’s resolutions, and how can I help?  What is your most difficult parenting situation? I’ll do the research and get back to you with answers and solutions!

Thank you so much for participating!

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