Oh No! Here I am trying to start a social movement on a blog, and the commenting feature is still buggy. The good news: no comments have been lost, and isn't the new website awesome!? If you comment now using the Disqus box below, it will work beautifully. And comments posted to the old website will be imported very soon! I really do want people to take the Mother's Day Happiness Challenge.

If you haven't read The Trouble with Motherhood yet, I think you'll like it. I've never gotten so many calls, texts, or emails in response to a posting before. If you've already read the post and are ready to take the challenge, here are the cliff notes:

Looking for the Half Full blog?!?  This is it!  We’ve renamed it Raising Happiness.  Same author (Christine Carter) same content. Looking for the Half Full blog?!? This is it! We've renamed it Raising Happiness. Same author (Christine Carter) same content.

Take the Challenge and Win a Book

  1. Identify those times during the day when you feel flow. When do you feel most at play, most happy? Schedule those things into your life the way you would important meetings or doctor's appointments.
  2. Identify the things that are making you feel crazy-busy, and cut those things out if you can. Other people might need to make some sacrifices for your sanity, too: small people with too many activities, for example.
  3. Talk to your coworkers (including your children's other parent) and your most important supporters. Tell them what you won't be doing, in order that you might have a chance to breathe. Consider that you might be inspiring, rather than disappointing, them.
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Now here is a key component of this: Make it public, right here in the comments section. This is a way to making it happen for yourself, and to pay it forward, because you'll be inspiring others to make themselves happier. Please start posting:

  • What things make you happiest as a parent? As an individual? What activities do you find restful?
  • What instrumental tasks can you get help with? Or just eliminate?
  • What are you committing to do to add fun and REST back into your life?

I will compile your commitments into a newsletter and new post. And get this: one lucky commenter will get a FREE copy of Raising Happiness (which makes a great Mother's Day gift, incidentally). So please start commenting.

© 2010 Christine Carter, Ph.D.

© 2010 Christine Carter, Ph.D.

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