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To kick off this June newsletter, let’s wrap up the Mother’s Day Happiness Challenge.  Congratulations to Karen, who is getting more sleep:

“I’m EXHAUSTED!!! I had an epiphany recently, when I was hanging washing on the line at *2AM,* that I was definitely doing TOO MUCH! ... my body is telling me: SLOW. DOWN. I’m too quick to think of everyone else’s happiness and needs before my own, but if I’m not well rested and enjoying my own life, with time to smell (and hopefully GROW) the roses, I won’t end up much good to anybody….My application of this right now is to SLEEP! I stay up too late, get up too late and then spend the day rushing around wondering where the time went.”

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And another big congrats to Rebecca, who writes:

“My husband has committed to cleaning up after dinner and putting the children to bed so I can have some time to read and write. I have also started a “tribe” group with two other homeschooling families. Once a week, we take turns hosting the tribe and the host gets to choose a project we can work on together for 2-3 hours while the kids play. Instrumental work gets done faster and more joyfully in the presence of friends and laughter while the kids get a fun “play date”. It’s become one of the highlights of my week!”

Both Karen and Rebecca won a copy of Raising Happiness in a random drawing of those who took the Challenge. If you are looking for inspiration to make some happiness changes in your own life, check out the comments on this post and this one.

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Lots of dads also wrote in asking for a challenge of their own.  So here is my FATHER’S DAY CHALLENGE to all you dad’s out there.

1. What can you do to be a more involved dad…

2. ... in a way that increases your own happiness and the happiness of your children’s mother?

The reason that I’m leaving mothers in there (self-serving, I know) is that I think this brings us back to the point: raising happy children.  Happy mothers make for happy children, and dads can really contribute here. Hint: encourage that mother in your life to rest more and play more!  Please post your ideas here.  All who comment (and take the challenge) will be entered in a chance to win a copy of Raising Happiness.

Warm regards,

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