Happy summer!

I hope you and your family are settling into a summer routine that is more lazy than crazy. Personally, I find it really difficult not to super-schedule my kids now that school is out (so that I can get a little work done!). If you are like me and need a little reminding that unscheduled time to play is critical for our kids’ health and happiness, check out this short video about the benefits of old-fashioned play.

I’ve begun posting summer re-runs on the blog; I hope you enjoy the oldie-but-goodie video series I did with The Middle Place author Kelly Corrigan.

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I’ll be researching and working on the blog all summer, so please post your suggestions for improvements and future topics here. If you have a burning question about raising happy kids and want to know what the research says, now is the time to raise it!

This month’s posts…

The Psychology of Success
Christine Carter and bestselling author Kelly Corrigan discuss the growth mindset!

Podcast: Are We Too Critical?
The specific type of feedback that works best  

Podcast: Does Ambition Make Us Happy?
And does achievement necessarily bring meaning? 

Gratitude Journal: Thanks for Happy Dads!
Contribute to our community gratitude journal.

Podcast: How Good Are Your Habits, and How Strong is Your Willpower?
Tips for boosting your ability to do what you want to do

Fathers Have More Fun
This Father’s Day, let’s live vicariously through them

Eight Steps to Change Your Life
How to remain sane—and even productive—over the summer


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