Got Gratitude?  Want to share it with others?

Welcome to the new Friday Photo—a community gratitude journal open to all who’d like to express their thanks or share a happy thought.  We’re calling them “Happiness Shout Outs” for now, but we are open to other ideas!  Submit your suggestions in the comments, please.

Oakland, CA Oakland, CA © Janine

Here’s how it works: every week we’ll post a photo submitted by one of our readers along with all the happy and thankful comments gathered throughout the week. 

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To contribute, email your “shout out” or your favorite photo to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
You can also contribute by commenting here—we’ll pick out a few favorites for next week’s posting.  Please include: your name if you’d like us to use it and any other info you’d like us to list, e.g., if the “gratitude” is from one of your children, it would be great to know his or her age.

Here are some sample submissions collected by one of our Greater Good volunteers:

I am happy because it’s sunny and windy and Friday.
Cathy, mother of 5, Columbus, OH

I am happy that after a rough week my 11-year old spent Saturday in his pajamas reading comic books.
Maria, suburban Chicago

I’m happy that a regret from my past is starting to go away. Slowly but surely.
Louise, Los Angeles, CA

Yippee for spaghetti!  It’s easy to make and everyone loves it.
Liz from Minne-“snow”-ta

I am happy that I got a package with my sneakers that I left in El Paso. 
I am happy because I found a note from my dad in one of the sneakers in my package.
Jackie, Austin, TX

I’m happy adding this post was painless! Also happy to find a cheap flight to Los Cabos from San Fran!
Jason, San Francisco, CA

I’m happy I got to help my son work on his first geography project for the year.
Deborah, San Antonio, TX

It was great to steal away for a Mom’s Night Out with other day care moms. All made possible by my husband and my mom.
Janine, mom of 3 under 4, Oakland, CA

I’m thankful we have a surprise second crop of peaches!
Phoebe, El Paso, TX

I am happy because I feel so blessed by faith, family and friends.
Midge, mother of four, grandmother of eleven

I’m so thankful that Janine thought of this great new Friday feature, and made it happen!
Christine, mother of two, Berkeley, CA  😊


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