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Welcome to our community gratitude journal, open to all who’d like to express their thanks or share a happy thought.

I’m happy that my daughter and I spent the weekend putting together Halloween decorations. Made me feel crafty.
Texas Mom

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I’m grateful for my Aunt Rita. Her mother-in-law recently passed. She’s a good example to me of how to be a supportive spouse.

I’m thankful for friends who patiently teach me how to use the different features of my laptop.

I’m happy that my husband got a good night’s sleep last night. He works really hard. It’s good to see him get the rest he needs.

I’m grateful for my brothers. Thanks, Jeff, for taking our daughter on a great and fun weekend trip. Thanks, Jason for the Halloween goodie bag! They are good uncles to my kids.
Janine Kovac

Every week we post a photo submitted by one of our readers along with all the happy and thankful comments gathered throughout the week. 

To contribute, email your gratitude (a sentence or two would be great) or your favorite photo to Janine at

You can also contribute by commenting at the bottom of this post.  Please include: your name if you’d like us to use it and any other info you’d like us to list, e.g., if the “gratitude” is from one of your children, it would be great to know his or her age.

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