I hope you all had a wonderful “month of love.” If Valentine’s Day wasn’t what you’d hoped for this year, maybe some of my posts will help you determine if you’ve set the bar too high for your partner.

Think about it: most of our grandparents would have laughed in our faces if we’d asked them if their spouses were their lovers AND their best friends AND their co-parenting partners.  And yet that is what we expect our spouses to be. Is this realistic? If not, what to do?

Thanks for all your thoughtful comments this month—what a great discussion!

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This month’s posts about expectations…

Hate Your Husband? (or Your Wife?)
You probably expect too much.

Is Your Spouse Enough for You?
Four things you can to do to find out.

Am I Really Going to Have to Ask You Again?
Nagging is a particular form of unhappiness—for everyone involved.   

Podcast: Feeling Unhappy in Your Marriage?
Maybe your expectations are too high.


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