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We believe that a core component of a happy, meaningful life is a happy, meaningful work life—which requires workplaces that prioritize compassion, empathy, diversity, flow, and other positive behaviors and emotions.

For profit-making businesses or hard-pressed nonprofits, however, such "warm and fuzzy" policies can feel like a luxury. But science suggests that they stand to reap enormous rewards from helping their employees cultivate meaning and happiness, including increased productivity, loyalty, cooperation, communication, and more effective leadership.

Even in workplaces that reject these benefits, individual employees can take steps to manage their own stress, and to cultivate positive emotions and relationships with coworkers. What's more, research from positive psychology is delving deeper into how people can go about constructing a meaningful, satisfying, and productive career path for themselves, starting when they're young.

Taken together, this research can offer useful strategies for companies and employees alike, and it's our role to translate new findings into tools anyone can apply to their work or career.

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