Tony Deifell, photographer, documentarian and Chief Strategist for the nonprofit playground builder Kaboom! delivered the opening keynote address at the recent Social Enterprise Alliance Gathering in Long Beach. He spoke about his work teaching blind teens to use photography as a tool for communication and expression and what he had learned from these children:

Refraction–how we mistake fragments of the world for the whole.

Transparence–breaking down the walls that divide us and overcoming our blindness to our moral senses.

Illuminance–how we create opportunities to help others see their own blind spots and piece our fragmented world back together.

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The photographs are featured in Tony's new book Seeing Beyond Sight. Check out the SBS web site for photo exhibits and events in the SF Bay Area.

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Sometimes we forget that sight is only a small…and not even the most reliable…way that we interpret the world around us. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Mary Segers | 11:50 pm, May 29, 2011 | Link

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