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I am so grateful that my kids took some time out from searching for their tree to share some sibling love.
Sarah V.

I am grateful for my husband, who is taking care of my wonderful daughter today. I am grateful that I have a job where I can telecommute from home and look out a window of a foggy landscape.
Sherry, San Francisco Bay Area

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I am grateful for my chldren. They are such wonderful human beings. I am grateful for my 3yr old granddaughter. She is such a joy.

I’m grateful that Christine’s “5 Tips for Dealing with Difficult Relatives” doesn’t apply to me!

I am grateful for an act of generosity by someone I just met yesterday. My father is ailing and all of my siblings came home for Christmas to be with him. One of my father’s former students, a concert pianist, came to our house to play for us (and all of our children—20 people!) in the living room on our old upright piano. The pianist greeted us like old friends and played a breathtaking 45-minute concert. His playing was as generous as he was. It is a memory we will all cherish.

I am grateful that all 3 of my children came to our house for Xmas, that my son spent the weekend with us, and that my husband and I do things with my children. 

I’m grateful for public parks on a sunny day.
At home with 3 kids

I am grateful for all the parents and educators who advocate for children!
Michelle R. Davis, M. Ed.

I’m grateful for family who really pulls together when it’s important.
Janine Kovac

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