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Stacey Kennelly


Stacey Kennelly is a Greater Good editorial assistant.


Stories by Stacey Kennelly

Articles: When Guilt Stops Gratitude

By Stacey Kennelly | January 14, 2014

Why do we sometimes respond with resentment, not gratitude, when people are good to us? Research has the answer—and points to a solution.

From top: Examples of the fake smile, genuine smile, and neutral expression participants had to imitate in the study (with help from chopsticks).

Articles: Smile! It’s Good for Your Heart

By Stacey Kennelly | September 5, 2012

A new study suggests smiles—the more genuine, the better—help you bounce back from stress.


Articles: Can Awe Buy You More Time and Happiness?

By Stacey Kennelly | August 17, 2012

A study shows feeling awe can make people feel like they have more time, and might make them more likely to help others.


Articles: 12 Steps to Happiness

By Stacey Kennelly | August 9, 2012

A slideshow illustrating a dozen research-tested happiness activities you can start practicing today.


Articles: How to Be Happy: The Fine Print

By Stacey Kennelly | August 8, 2012

Positive psychology has identified ways people can increase their happiness. But what happiness habits are right for you?


Articles: 10 Steps to Savoring the Good Things in Life

By Stacey Kennelly | July 23, 2012

We get plenty of advice for coping with life’s negative events. But can we deliberately enhance the impact of good things on our lives?

The Changing Worlds arts and literacy program encourages children to learn about other cultures through dance and other performing arts.

Articles: Educating for Empathy

By Stacey Kennelly | July 18, 2012

More and more educators are helping kids develop empathy—and a recent contest highlights some of the most inspiring projects.


Articles: Happiness is about Respect, not Riches

By Stacey Kennelly | July 13, 2012

A study shows that admiration from peers—not wealth or economic status—is what really makes us happy.


Articles: A Scientific Reason to Stop and Smell the Roses

By Stacey Kennelly | July 3, 2012

A new study suggests people are happier when they take time to appreciate the good things in life.


Articles: The Genetics of Happiness

By Stacey Kennelly | June 29, 2012

A new study of twins sheds light on the complex links between biology and happiness.


Articles: What Motivates Kids to Help Others?

By Stacey Kennelly | June 19, 2012

A new study suggests even toddlers are motivated by compassion rather than the desire to get credit for good deeds.


Articles: Does Playing Music Boost Kids’ Empathy?

By Stacey Kennelly | June 8, 2012

A new study suggests it does, at least when practiced in a group.


Articles: Are Married People Happier?

By Stacey Kennelly | June 6, 2012

A new study suggests that getting hitched is good for our happiness.



  • The Science of Happiness

    March 28, 2015

  • Why Evolution Made Forgiveness Difficult

    March 24, 2015

    Nature endowed humanity with both revenge and forgiveness as tools of conflict resolution. But why does one seem so much harder than the other?

  • Happiness Greatest Hits

    March 20, 2015

    Today is the UN's International Day of Happiness! To celebrate, here's a list of some of our most illuminating and helpful happiness research, tools, and tips.


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