Happy: The Movie

By Jason Marsh | February 16, 2011 | 0 comments

Sneak preview of new documentary on the science of happiness.

If you’re reading Greater Good, you probably appreciate the importance—and the challenge—of reporting on the science of happiness. And if you do, we’ve got a movie you should check out.

It’s called, quite simply, Happy, and in 78 minutes it distills several decades worth of research on happiness. For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s having a sneak preview screening this Saturday at 7pm at the Roxie Theater in SF; the film’s director, Roko Belic, who made the charming (and Oscar-nominated) documentary Genghis Blues, will be there for a Q & A.

In Happy, Belic interviews some of the leading experts on the science of happiness—including Ed Diener, Richie Davidson, and Sonja Lyubomirsky—about what truly makes people happy. And he brings their research to life with stories from around the globe illustrating what science knows about what makes people happy, what doesn’t, and why happiness matters.

If you’re not in the Bay Area, check out Happy‘s screening schedule for updates on when it might be coming to a theater near you. And you can watch the film’s trailer here:

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