Jeanette van der Lee

Jeanette van der Lee


Jeanette van der Lee is a graduate student in social and organizational psychology at Leiden university in The Netherlands. She is very interested in positive psychology, so coming to UC Berkeley for a research internship was a natural choice. Part of the time she works as a research assistant at the GGSC and part of the time she works as a research assistant in Professor Dacher Keltner’s Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory.

She is interested in many aspects of positive psychology, such as awe, the benefits of being outdoors, and how to create a positive work or educational environments. When she is not working as a research assistant, things that make her happy are reading, hiking the Berkeley Fire Trails, traveling, photography, and spending time with the friends she made at International House Berkeley.


Stories by Jeanette van der Lee

Articles: Does Your View of Happiness Shape Your Empathy?

By Jeanette van der Lee | February 16, 2017

Do you see happiness as within your control to improve? A new study has linked this belief to empathy.




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The Science of Burnout: What Is It, Why It Happens, and How to Avoid It

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