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This event will truly be the first of its kind: A day exploring the science and experience of awe. Attendees will gain eye-opening insights and practical lessons to apply in health and educational settings, as well as in their own personal lives. And they will experience jaw-dropping moments of awe throughout the day.

Only recently has awe received serious scientific attention. Cutting-edge research on this emotion, including an unprecedented three-year project now drawing to a close at UC Berkeley, suggests that it has profound psychological, social, and physical health benefits—perhaps even stronger, in some cases, than those of other positive emotions.

At this day-long event, the leading scientific experts on awe will reveal the latest findings from their research. They will discuss its therapeutic and unique health benefits, how it can foster kindness and connection, and its potential to help kids and adults thrive in life. Their talks will be complemented by mind-expanding presentations and performances by artists, educators, and others. The program will explain what makes an experience awe-inspiring, shed light on why we feel awe, and explore how to inspire more awe in daily life—through nature, art, technology, and more. 

Pipa virtuoso Wu Man.

The day will feature keynotes by two pioneers in the study of awe: Dacher Keltner, Ph.D., UC Berkeley professor of psychology and founding director of the Greater Good Science Center and Michelle "Lani" Shiota, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at Arizona State University. Drs. Keltner and Shiota will be joined by other top scientists, as well as world-class artists and creators, including Shots of Awe creator Jason Silva, former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Hass, Grammy Award-nominated musician Wu Man, folk musician Melanie DeMore, and experts from the Exploratorium, NASA, the Sierra Club, the Bay Lights & more.

Five CE credit hours are available to nurses, psychologists, therapist, social workers, educators, and others. 

Attendees will come away with a new way of seeing the world.

"The Art & Science of Awe" marks the culmination of a three-year research project on "The Universality of Awe," run by the Berkeley Social Interaction Laboratory and funded by the John Templeton Foundation.